America isn't powered by quitters. Neither is AFSCME.

Service Awards

Nominate Someone

Nominate Someone

Every single day, AFSCME members go to work to make our communities healthier, stronger and safer. We don’t do it for rewards or big money, we do it because it’s a calling.

That doesn’t mean we don’t deserve recognition for our dedication to our work, and that’s why AFSCME created the Never Quit Service Awards.

We are honoring our fellow members who demonstrate true dedication to their work. Do you have a co-worker or friend who always takes great pride and goes the extra step in their work? Brings a smile to the faces of the people they serve or work with? Who never quits on doing the best job they can?

Fill out this form to nominate a fellow AFSCME member for a Never Quit Service Award. Once you submit, you’ll be prompted to strengthen your nomination by recording a video.

Winners will have their stories featured on the Never Quit website and receive a certificate honoring their outstanding contribution to public service.

We can’t wait to hear your story!

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Upon submission you'll be prompted to submit a video to strengthen your nomination.