America isn't powered by quitters. Neither is AFSCME.

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AFSCME Members Never Quit

AFSCME members never quit because our communities need us.

AFSCME Members Never Quit

A sense of duty.

Care for the community.

To help someone in her final days.

To provide the best care possible.

To protect the public.

These are just some of the reasons AFSCME members serve their community. “We don’t do this for any fame, we don’t do this for any money, we don’t do this for the benefits,” says Miami co-compliance officer Sean Moy. 

Warren, Ohio, operating room nurse Dori Lynn Talsteidn sees it as her duty to care for her patients as she would want to be cared for. And Maryland correctional officer Lisa James Henson knows she’s there to protect the public and the detainees under her care.

These AFSCME members are committed public servants who work hard every day because they know their communities need them. And as they say loudly and proudly: They never quit.